• Nautical Marine Trading & Services was established in 2012 as a result of repeated requests from longstanding relations to provide a logistical and integrated maritime & offshore service platform centrally based in the Latin America and the Caribbean region.


  • The principals of NMTS have been active in Latin America and the Caribbean for over 20 years representing three world leading companies in the field of Port&Tug operations,  Barge transport, Bunkering, Salvage, Heavy lift, Oil-Terminal and Offshore services. With roots in Holland and Curacao it was a logic step to use the very well developed shipping platform in Curacao to establish NMTS.


  • Where do we operate: We have operational and logistic platforms in the following countries: Curacao, Bonaire, Aruba, Venezuela and Surinam, and we count on strategic partner platforms in Holland, Trinidad, Colombia, Panama, Brazil, St Maarten & St Eustatius.


       Our mindset:   Think outside the box and ensure a Can Do mentality.